SNG Story

Stretch-N-Grow Story

Stretch-n-Grow was conceived in January of 1992 by Jill and Bob Manly in Galveston, Texas. Their plan was to conduct classes on a local level only. Their hometown provided a limited market base of approximately 30 child care facilities. By September, classes were being conducted in eleven of those schools.

Excitement over what we were doing resulted in requests from several people in other cities for more information. Their excitement and success prompted a trial advertising program which launched the Stretch-n-Grow Affiliate Ownership Program. Within one year, our expansion reached several major U.S. markets; and in June 1993, Stretch-n-Grow became an “international influence” as we entered the Canadian market.

Stretch-n-Grow is a family and faith based company. Jill’s daughter Amanda Cannon-Hollowell joined the company shortly after the birth of Jill and Bob’s daughter Megan in July 1992. Amanda currently serves as Director of Affiliate Relations and Operations.