Santa Paula

What if we told you that we offer a wide variety of different fitness programs for your children that will ensure that they get the most out of their exercise sessions each and every time? What if we told you that there’s no more disappointment when it comes to the fitness regimes & nutritional education of your little ones?

Stretch-n-Grow Santa Paula is the premier choice for youth fitness programs. Each week our affiliates teach over one hundred thousand children in hundreds of cities, including Santa Paula to “Eat Wise and Exercise.”

Our team of professional fitness instructors will make sure that your children develop proper motor skills, learn basic dance moves and in the meantime, learn valuable information about healthy nutrition and about the importance of regular physical activity.

With our programs, you can rest assured that your children are getting the most out of their exercise sessions while having tons of fun!

Stretch-n-Grow Santa Paula youth instructors are certified Youth Fitness Specialists and certified in CPR & First Aid.