Stretch-N-Grow Reviews

“We initially met Erin when she came to us wanting coaching to improve her own health and fitness.  Over time we have also had the fortune to get to know her personally, and we have grown to appreciate her zeal for knowledge, her determination to be better, and her passion for family, fitness, health, and service to others.

Like us, Erin’s 1st career wasn’t in exercise and fitness, so we excitedly watched as she applied what she learned to improve the health and lifestyle of her family. And then, as she noticed the dramatically positive impact she was making on her own family’s lives –and how much fun she was having, Erin had “the bug”; the spark to effect this kind of positive change in others ignited within her and has now become her mission.

Erin has the ideal blend of high energy, fun, purpose, humility, curiosity, and professionalism to excel in this role. Erin’s excellent communication skills allow her to connect with all ages and to inspire them to put forth their best effort.

It is for these reasons and values that we are thrilled to turn-over leadership of Stretch-n-Grow of Ventura County to her and excited to see her build upon it’s legacy to even higher and broader success. We are truly exer-cited for the families and the children of Ventura County.”

Rob & Shannon Yontz, True North Fitness & Health

“It’s a great program and your schools are very lucky to have you there.”

Denise Severini, Director

“This is the best time of the week for our kids to work out all of their wiggles to prepare them for a great day!  SNG coaches have great energy, engaging lessons, fun equipment, and most importantly – love our children.”

Glenda Dooley

“We have nothing but praise for our SNG instructor and for the program as a whole-please continue business as usual because you guys are awesome!”

SnG Parent

“My Child has learned more than I ever imagined!  We are completely satisfied with the learning and activities that your coaches provided…I know I couldn’t name muscles when I was four!”

SnG Parent

“Looking forward to another great year!  I went to several workshops this year and it just completely confirms how WONDERFUL your program is for young children.  Thanks for all you do!”

Jane Mills, Hope School Director

“We LOVE the variety the program offers, and we LOVE our SNG coaches!  Adding SNG is the VERY best thing we have done to enhance our program.”

Tina Pickens, FUMC

“We knew the importance of physical education and knew that we could never hire and train a teacher to do all that SNG does!  SnG provides weekly classes for our preschoolers and is our PE provider FIVE days a week for our Pre-K program.  The organization, professionalism and activities are beyond my expectations!  I NEVER have to worry about Stretch-n-Grow!”

Debbie Beckham, WRBC

“This is the best time of the week for our kids to work out all of their wiggles to prepare them for a great day! SNG coaches have great energy, engaging lessons, fun equipment, and most importantly—love our children.“

Kelli Blackwell, Primrose School

“Stretch-n-Grow is our kids’ favorite part of the week! In fact parents voted to drop another program to bring SNG in twice a week! The moving and manipulatives are engaging and interactive. SNG is dependable and consistent. We have had the same instructor visit our school for 11 years!”

Glenda Dooley, ISD Director

“I love Stretch-n-Grow, and I love working with you.  It has been pure joy to have this as a part of our program at HCA.  Bringing SNG on as our PE program in our first year was a great decision!”

Betsy Peak, First Faith Preschool & Kindergarten

“The music and energy SNG offers is unmatched to anything I have seen during my 15 years in early childhood! The parents frequently comment that SNG is their child’s favorite activity!  The newsletters and handouts that go home are educational for the kids and informative for the parents.”

Kayla Smith, Hillcrest Christian Academy Principal

“ALL of the SnG Programs excite and engage our kids while teaching important life skills. No other program offers such excellent business management and repertoire with our schools. Parents who visit our school ASK if we offer SNG!  It gives our children something to look forward to, a break in the norm of the day. They especially look forward to the equipment and music that changes each week!”

Nannette Lenz