Looking for a wide range of fitness programs to choose from for your child? Are you a school looking for outsourced fitness programs to provide better exercise regimes for your young students? We’re here to help!

Stretch-n-Grow Ojai is the premier choice for youth fitness programs. Each week our affiliates teach over one hundred thousand children in hundreds of cities, including Ojai to “Eat Wise and Exercise” the fun way!

Our certified and professional staff will let you choose from an array of different programs offering different regimes and forms of activity to ensure your children get optimal exercise and a good foundation for proper motor skill development. Along with all this, they will also learn valuable information about healthy nutrition and the value of true sportsmanship.

With regular exercise, your young stars will grow up to be healthy and life-loving teenagers who understand and value the importance of exercise.

Stretch-n-Grow Ojai youth instructors are certified Youth Fitness Specialists and certified in CPR & First Aid.